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1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340

1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340 For Sale

Price $98,000
Location Surrey, British Columbia

This excellent example of the classic American muscle car was posted on craigslist about 22 days ago and is still online today. As shown here a 1971 Dart Demon collector item has been fully restored powered by an original 340 Demon engine.

Detail by Owner
True H code 1971 Dodge Dart Demon 340 4 speed 8 3/4 3.55 sure grip rear, older completely stripped rotisserie nut and bolt plus restoration with everything and i mean everything rebuilt or new to stock except 15 inch wheels added, has stock mechanical fuel pump with an additional electric fuel pump for priming if car not used for long periods, this pump only activates when placed in reverse gear, original Thermoquad carb, factory exhaust manifolds, factory radio in dash and a bluetooth amp underneath dash to stream music from your phone, super grippy racing clutch that will put the car sideways on strong shift to 2nd and easily chirp 3rd gear, power steering, power disc brakes, Pertronix electronic ignition hidden inside original duel point distributor, car is a Very fast revving screamer, awesome top bottom inside and even where u cant see, WILL NOT DISSAPOINT, a pleasure to drive and no worries how far you go, runs steady temp because of stock clutch fan and shroud, front end solid, if the road is good will drive straight forever without hands on wheel, smooth smooth smooth Mopar BC collector plated.

Real 1971 Dodge Demon 340

Real 1971 Dodge Demon 340

Buy American Muscle Cars, Real 1971 Dodge Demon 340 For Sale

Price $24000
Location Orange County, California

This was posted at craigslist about 12 days ago and still online today it's a real Demon example being offered for sale by owner with its original 340 Demon engine. As you have seen here all look great present by photos, 1971 Dodge Demon 340 all numbers real demon, with docs was looking for a new owner.

Detail by Owner
This car is a "Real" numbers matching factory built 1971 340 Demon, with docs. The numbers matching drivetrain is complete and running strong need nothing to drive and enjoy now. Fender tag, buildsheet, titles, original dealers invoice, owners manuals and more complete it's 46+ year history. This 71 Demon has the rare round gauges and rallye dash, with the even more rare working center tach and 150 speedo, 8 3/4 3:32 suregrip rear, rallye wheels, trim rings, center caps, radial Goodyears on the car and original Goodyear polyglass spare is still in trunk with jack kit. 340 is built tuned and sounds amazing/pulls hard...If you've been following these factory 71 340 cars the Cuda's, Demon's, or duster's Dart's the real 340s cars are typically selling far above 35k restored and with the new Demon coming even higher soon.

This car is a solid 340 driver car with older paint/cracking checking paint here and there some cosmetic wear from it's time sitting in the CAS. sun...dash is perfect and int. is mint. Only has exterior cosmetics left to do to take it to the next level. All the hard to find rare 1971 340 Demon engine parts are included, and paint is still in good-fair condition local show driver condition for 15-20 years old with normal wear an some sun cracking and age showing outside but it still get the thumbs up at the shows and has the stance of a good 2-5 footer with no major dents or prior repairs on this solid body, run it hard today and enjoy it. Low production numbers for the 71 340 Demon and the docs this car makes it an investment grade car long term and with a little elbow grease come into the money easily at mid 30s later. Cell 949-322-58 three one. All them OEM parts removed, both perfect factory exhaust manifolds, factory intake, factory carb, factory valve covers, breathers, etc. No trades needed but I like 69-74 clean or resto bikes or "brats" Hondas 175-550s vintage only thx as partial payment or a RZR 4 seater 2012 or newer, No call helping me sell, if listed it's still available. Can not hold the car, have your cash or deposit with you first come will probably buy this deal, but if I know your traveling to come look at it I will not show or sell it out from under you like some guys might! Thx.

1972 Dodge Demon For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1972 Dodge Demon For Sale

Price $19500
Location Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Detail about this car
1972 Dodge Demon. Overall a very nice driving weekend muscle car with great eye appeal...this is a real factory V-8 Demon with A/C PS, Also comes with 4bbl setup for the new owner...but drives great as is, and gets 18-22 MPG very reliable!

Modern Adjustable front bucket seats but done in a correct period pattern and material...comfort and looks!!
Solid car...clean very nice driver car you can drive proudly show.
Original Real "Demon" (correct rare vin: LL29....)
Originally green car, repainted in "Sublime" hi impact green.
Black interior
Bucket seats
Original 318 2bbl, Automatic
Power steering
Factory AC refitted to R134.
A68 Custom package (misc. trim etc)
A88 Interior decor package (nicer door panels, steering wheel, dash etc)
Factory Rally Wheels
Modern Pioneer stereo with rear speakers in deck, nice sound.
Solid floors, Solid subframe
The paint is nice driver quality, local show car, not mint paint but looks pretty good overall.
Decent chrome, Nice interior (nice headliner, carpet, dash, seats, door panels etc)
Good tire 60% tread left, drive straight stops very good, new shocks
Dual exhaust with bright tips, sounds like 340 car
Front end was rebuilt and aligned recently
Runs and drives very well on the highway
No oil consumption, good compression, no smoking no leaks, oil stays clean between changes.
Excellent rebuilt transmission, shift well and downshifts correctly.
Jack & mat, spare in place trunk is tidy.
Original owner's manual

Fender tag:
E44 = 318, 2 bbl (again comes with complete Edelbrock intake and carb set up)
D34 = auto trans
LL29 = Demon
G2B = 318, 1972, Hamtramck
101847 = serial number
GF3 = Green Hi impact Sublime now.
B1F6 = cloth/vinyl seat interior
GF7 = Dark upper door frames
723 = produced July 23, 1071
164605 = order number
V1F = vinyl top
U = US order
A68 = Custom Package
A88 = Interior Decor Package
G33 = Left hand outside mirror with remote
H51 = Air Condition
J52 = Inside hood release
M21 = drip molding
M43 = grille trim molding
N95 = emission control
R11 = am radio

The Demon was produced only in 1971 and 1972.
All in all, a nice driver and collectible Mopar you wont see often at a reasonable price My cell 949-322-58 three one. Lowered to $19500 for quick local sale, no trades, I will only consider a "Nice" 4 seater RZR with low hours, 2012 or newer. No help selling! If the ad is still up it's available, thx Get one before the new 840hp Demon hits the streets!

1971 Dodge Demon for Sale

1971 Dodge Demon for Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1971 Dodge Demon for Sale

Price $14995
Location Bemidji, Minnesota

Detail about this car
t's cruising time again. Sharp 1971 Dodge Demon, 340 (not original) 4bbl, 4 speed, new rear suspension, frame connectors, interior complete but could use some work, runs great, less than 4000 miles on rebuilt engine, Make this your dream car!