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1971 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 for Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner 440 for Sale

Price $29000
Location  Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California

Detail about this car
Incredible 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner that is in fantastic condition, and a real contender for shows, and drag racing. Great as a daily driver, but can be taken all the way for only a little investment. Please, we are not interested in meeting test drivers or people who have no concept what these are worth. We are looking for MOPAR LOVERS! This car will be worth well over $50,000-$75,000 within the next few years, as the economy comes around. The MOPARS are truly the most valuable muscle car to exist in this era. They are still getting the most gigantic prices of anything being sold as classics. This entire car has been gone through. We have it on YOU TUBE while it is being driven and started. A flawless car, made for the greatest collectors on the planet. These cars are known for the passion they stir.



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