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1970 Ford Torino GT429 for Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1970 Ford Torino GT429 for Sale

Price $20990
Location McCalla, Alabama

Detail about this car
1970 Torino GT factory 429-C-6 automatic. Car has been in family since new. I have original bill of sale from Long Lewis Ford on October 23rd 1969. My dad gave me the car in 1986 when I turned 16. Car has been garage kept since 1982. This is factory 429 C6 car. The engine was built by Competition Engines here in Alabama. They have been building drag and round track engines for nearly 40 years. All engines are assembled by one man, the owner.

It takes a while to get one done. Engine is blueprinted and fully balanced. The stock nodular crank has had the rod journals ground down with custom Crower rods to reduce overall rotating mass. The crank was also titanium nitrite treated. The pistons are Venolia dome tops with valve reliefs and floating pins. The bottom end has been ARP studded with girdle. The pump is a Melling racing that has been modified. The pump has been deburred and polished. The entire oil system was deburred and polished, the oil pressure is 80+ psi when cruising and around 45 at idle once warmed up. The pan is a gold iridite Milodon 9 quart with baffle. The heads have been milled, ported and polished. They are outfitted with bronze guides, ARP 7/17" screw in studs, Comp cams triple springs, retainers, Teflon seals, ultra pro magnum rockers with locks and stud girdle. The cam is a Comp Cam custom grind hydraulic roller with Crane lifters. Timing chain is Comp Cam roller. Cam has been degreed in I believe it was set at 4 degrees advance. The carb sits on a aluminum single plane intake that has ben polished and port matched. Carb is Holley HP race series 950 cfm. No choke horn mechanical secondary's, 4 corner idle screws etc. The water pump is a Wieand aluminum hi flow. Balancer is a BHJ solid race unit. MSD 6AL ignition box with Blaster 2 coil and MSD Pro billet race distributor. All engine brackets and hood hinges have been smoothed and chromed. A Comp Cam vacuum canister has been installed, so there is no vaccum problem for the power brakes. The trans was built by All American here locally by a friend of mine. The converter is an ATI 9" 3500 stall. Pan is B&M deep sump with cooling tubes. The cooler is an Perma Cool RV/Towing unit. It is shifted by a Hurst Quarter Stick with reverse lock out that fits nicely into the stock console without any mods. Radiator is a Howe 4 row aluminum race radiator. The power steering is also on a Perma Cool cooler. The stock gas tank was removed and a 3/16" aluminum plate put in it's place where a 16 gallon fuel sits on top in the trunk. Noting on car was cut or modified to do this, stock could go right back in and still have it. The 9 inch rear end is a nodular unit with Ford Racing traction lock unit and Richmond 4:11 gears. All plumbing from the fuel cell to carb is Earl's stainless steel braided #10 with anodized Earl's fittings. The exhaust is Hooker 6115 super competition headers that have been ceramic coated by HPC. They feed into full aluminum 3" exhaust with 2 chamber 40 series Flowmaster mufflers. All external engine fasteners are polished stainless ARP. All internal has also been replaced with ARP. The tires are BF Goodrich radial TA. 275/60/15 on rear and 225/60/15 on front. The wheels are WELD Racing 5 star polished aluminum. 15 x 9 on rear with offset to inside and 15 x 7 on front, stock offset. New springs and shocks and bushings in rear, everything on front has also been replaced. The rear springs were ordered with 2" more arch than stock, now car sets nearly completely level. Everything on inside has been redone. All carpet, headliner, seat upholstery and door panels are new. The dash pad was restored by a company in Arizona that was called Just Dashes. They are no longer in business. Dash pad is perfect and not a cap. All glass is in good shape and original stock except for NOS front windshield that I was able to find. All body work is stock. Car was taken all the way back to bare metal. The DuPont Chroma Base base coat and clear coat still looks like new. The car has been driven so there just a few nicks that are not easily seen unless you are just really looking for something wrong. The only rust repair that was required was in the lower quarters just in front of the rear tires, no other rust anywhere. A few months after the car was painted here were a few small bubble that popped up under the paint in these areas. Not sure if it is rust or a chemical reaction in the paint and the repair. They never came thru the paint and are not soft or loose like rust. They have stayed that way for several years with no change. The car has not seen rain in over 20 years. It is garage kept and covered at all times. The only time it gets wet is when it has to be washed. The only frame/body mods were the subframes. Since the car is a Unibody as you know the cars are susceptible to body flex. With this engine I did not want to take a chance. I had a race chassis shop custom fab some sub frame connectors. They are made from 2 x 4 mild steel and are fully welded. The rear floor boards were notched slightly so that the connectors did not have to be cut or hang low. You can barely feel them thru the rear carpet, more of a bump. Engine, trans, tires and rear differential have less than 1,000 miles, the car has less than 82,000 original miles. Car is in excellent condition and is a blast to drive. I have the original argent steel wheels, intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, rocker arms, headlight grille faces, taillight exterior section, hood hinges, new set of door strikes, MSD 6ALrevlimiter chips, new bronze distributor gear and a full set of Lakewood drag shocks and a extra windshield(the original).



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