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1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet

1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra Jet

Price $40000
Location Washington

Detail about this car by owner
Own a piece of Ford Muscle car history! For sale is this fine example of a 1970 Ford Torino Cobra. 429 CJ. This is the most desirable "J" code, 4 speed top loader close ratio transmission, Ford 9" rear end, ram air, shaker hood, 2 door sports roof, beautiful Calypso Coral paint, bench seat, 3.25 traction-lok axel ratio, Ribbon Tach, large Rochester 750CFM carburettor, restored original AM radio, Dashboard is original to the car and is one of very few that isn't cracked by age and window heat. Restoration took place on this vehicle at 98,000 miles, mileage on the odometer is true; it just turned 104,000 miles. This is a numbers matching car.

Door data plate code key decoded: O=1970, H=manufactured at the Lorain assembly plant in Ohio, 38=Cobra two door Sports Roof,, J=429-4V CJ ram air, 1=Calypso Coral paint (paint code 1730-A), RA=Black Vinyl bench seat, R=3.95 Traction-Lok axle ratio, 6=four speed close ratio manual transmission, B7=Pacific Canada Ordering district
Options: Optional axel Ratio, Traction-Lok Differential, power steering, rare rear window defogger, Color keyed racing mirrors, ribbon tachometer, F70x15 belted tires w/ raised letters, chrome magnum 500 wheels, rear window louver.
This car was one of 7,675 Torino cobras, 1 of 3103 with ribbon tachometer, 1 of 2131 with these engine & Transmission codes, 1of 1079 with this paint code, 1 of 363 with these paint and trim codes.
Wheel base = 117", weight = 3774 lbs., Brakes front disc & rear drums, Engine 429 CJ with 11.3:1 compression ratio, 405 HP (true) at 5400 RPM, torque 450 ft./lbs. @ 3400 RPMs, 0 to 60 MPH 5.8 Seconds, ¼ mile 13.99 seconds @ 107 MPH, fuel 100 octane, gas mileage 9 MPG (but keep in mind, premium was only .39 cents a gallon in 1970!

DESIGN HISTORY: 1970 was the first year for the legendary 429 Cobra Jet motor. Ford's published horsepower rating was 370 HP deliberately understating the true 405 HP due to pressure brought on all the car manufacturers by insurance companies and new government EPA laws helping to bring about the demise of the muscle car era.
A piece of 429 trivia: Ford had to turn to GM to design a carburetor large enough to handle its new Ford engine and still meet the recently enacted EPA laws, hence the reason there is a GM Rochester Delco Carburetor on all 1970 429's instead of the usual Holley found on most Ford engines.

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