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1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol

1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol For Sale

Price $12,950
Location Las Vegas, Nevada

Interesting find today on craigslist, a classic survivor example of the Nevada Highway Patrol car emerging from preserved the past in a desert warehouse. As shown here is a 1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol, it could be a very cool item to collect. Over half of the century remains in original condition with all equipment of the patrol car on it and runs and drives perfectly reportedly.

It's a patrol car designed to fight Muscle cars on the highway when the Doors has Jim Morisson as lead vocal. It's very hard to escape from his chase, especially on the interstates, thanks to Chrysler embedding big block engines and improved suspension for all the patrol cars of the 60s to 70s.

1969 Dodge Polara V8 Engine

The unclear history of the car could be a clone, but it would be difficult to duplicate this high watermark classic big block American classic 69 Polara. Most various highway patrols of the era, are the Polara with a 375 hp, 440 cubic-inch V8 set a top speed record of just shy of 150 mph. Whatever, it's a solid frame in good shape and runs too, is enough to be one cool candidate for prospective occupants on your barn.

Interior, 1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol

A decent interior for fifty-four years car. The layout is without a center console and the shifter sticking to the column makes it wide on the front, the crack was shown on the dash like a sign of how hot the Nevada desert was, but the benches are great doesn't like a car that has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles. Hope all equipment and amenities are working, a lot of fun if the radio is also working. By the way, we didn't see the air conditioner holes and a siren in there. Nevada's climate without AC is like an ice cube on a hot pan.

1969 Dodge Polara Highway Patrol, rear end

Maybe some people out there doubt the authenticity of the car, just paperwork can prove is real or just a tribute? Usually, the price is a mirror of what is offered, and the range of prices offered is slightly low for an original example but is a good deal for a clone.

Detail by seller
1969 Dodge Polara , Northern Nevada desert warehouse find, in storage for years I do not have any information on this cars history It is rust free, runs well, has a clean title but has not been registered in decades car is located near Virginia City Nevada, we are liquidating the building and this car needs to go. We are connected with Central Dispatch and can ship anywhere in the USA or World Wide with WestCoastShipping in Richmond Feel free to call direct, this car to be sold ASAP



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