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Rare Muscle Car, 1971 Pontiac GT37

Rare Muscle Car, 1971 Pontiac GT37 For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, Rare Muscle Car, 1971 Pontiac GT37 For Sale

Price $44,000
Location Tiffin, Ohio

Found this one a red 1971 Pontiac GT37 is rarer and faster than a GTO Judge, hides 400 V8 muscle under the hood. When we ask American muscle car enthusiasts, "What is the best muscle car ever built by Pontiacs?", All will agree, the GTO Judge will be first.

Despite its shorter production year than the Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro, the GTO is widely regarded as the car that popularized the muscle car segment and is therefore still very popular among muscle car enthusiasts today.

No car gets as much love as the GTO, and thanks to a huge muscle car cake in the 70s, insurance companies didn't want to miss out on that cake, so they charged pretty high insurance fees on all kinds of muscle cars back then, and the GTO was no exception.

Then Pontiac built this GT37 to trick the insurance companies for so long. Similar to the GTO, which comes from the LeMans lineage, and was introduced as an option package for LeMans in 1971, the GT37 comes with a wide choice of engine sizes, such as 350, 400, and the highest spec 455. Some units sold carry the 400 M22 Muncie V8 engine mated to a 4-speed manual transmission, as one of them offered here.

It would be one of the most desirable Pontiac classics out there, It's rarer and faster than GTO, and it also overshadows one of the coolest muscle cars that left the Pontiac assembly line during the golden era.