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Original Muscle Car 1968 Pontiac Tempest

Buy American Muscle Cars, Original Muscle Car 1968 Pontiac Tempest

Price Trade
Location Waterford, Connecticut

Detail about this car
1968 Pontiac Tempest. Original Pontiac 350 with 4 barrel Holley carb, headers, Flowmaster mufflers. 2 speed powerglide transmission. Car is in pretty good shape for it's age and it runs good. Like most 46 year old cars, there is some bondo but overall the frame & body are very solid. It's currently inspected and on the road. Nothing like an old school muscle car to cruise around in.

Mostly looking to trade for a nice 4x4 truck or Jeep Wrangler. I might also entertain a trade down plus cash on your end. Let me know what you have and please send photos if possible. Thanks!

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