1979 Pontiac Trans AM For Sale

Pontiac Trans AM For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1979 Pontiac Trans AM For Sale

Price $8000
Location Columbus, Ohio

Detail about this car by owner
Found this TA sitting in my garage for the last few years. Car started right up actually, pulled her out onto the driveway and now she won't restart. I believe a spring just popped off the carb linking to the throttle cable.. ? ? ?

Olds 455 ci motor in her. FAST. No slow 403 here.. Needs lots of love and attention. This car can be a real mean, mean muscle car if you have a little mechanical know how.

These cars are getting rarer and rarer. The price of these just keeps going up..

Title in hand. CASH ONLY.

Contact and more info, please visit link below
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