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1970 Cyclone 429 GT For Sale

1970 Cyclone 429 GT For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1970 Cyclone 429 GT For Sale

Price $13000
Location North Hills, Los Angeles, California

Detail about this car by owner
70 Cyclone GT. N-code 429 car with 429CJ. Price: 13K OBO

Car History:
I purchased this car from the original owner in the mid 80's. In the late 90's I parked the car at my parents house while I finished school. Then I moved across the country for work, then marriage and 4 kids later and the car is still sitting (so it hasn't been driven in about 15 years). My father passed away recently and the car needs to move. I had this dream that I would finish college and then restore the car. Well, those of you with kids know what happened to that dream. I have thought long and hard and know that realistically, with a house full of small children, I am at least 10 years from being able to do anything with this car. And, it just doesn't make sense to let it sit any longer (I really feel horrible that it's been sitting this long).

I also have a lot of rare memorabilia which I received from the original owner; including the original window sticker. And of course there are also a few boxes of spare parts!
Some details on the car:

The last project I was working on before parking the car was swapping a dashboard with the full Montego/Cyclone gauge package. I never finished so the dash is not installed, but all the parts are there.

Complete 429 CJ motor (from ram-air intake to exhaust manifolds) with 460 crank and pistons. Block was bored (torque plates, align honed -- everything was done first rate). So, its more like a +460CJ.

Heads were rebuilt and modified by West Coast Cylinder Heads in Los Angeles. Hardened exhaust seats were installed along with a 1.8" Ferrea exhaust valves. They spent most of their effort on cleaning up and shaping the exhaust ports. I think there was some minor work on the intake ports and chamber also, but I don't remember. These guys really knew 429 heads and their work was top notch.

Intake manifold is 429SCJ (for Holley flange). It was also modified by West Coast Cylinder Heads (they cut down and shaped the center divider for better high rpm flow).

The C6 was also built by a local LA shop, but I don't remember the name. It had all the latest C6 tricks at the time -- extra clutches, etc. But, I don't recall the details. It has a 460 TCI Torque Converter (because the crank snout on the 460 was different than the 429).

The factory nodular 9" "N" case has 3.89 gears installed.

Rear sway bar (forgot what brand) and KYB shocks.

MSD 6AL ignition. Custom, large 4 core radiator.

There are two hoods: the original 70 and a 71. I swapped on the 71 because it didn't have the grills in the cowl area and I thought it looked cleaner. One of those things that kids do I suppose.

This car has spent its whole life in So Cal.



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