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Pro Street 1968 Mercury Cougar V8 700+

Pro Street 1968 Mercury Cougar V8 700+

Buy American Muscle Cars, Pro Street 1968 Mercury Cougar V8 700+: Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon

Price $35,000
Location Garden Grove, California

Calling all gearheads and muscle car enthusiasts! This 1968 Pro Street Mercury Cougar is a tire-shredding beast waiting to be unleashed. Listed for $35,000, this isn't your average classic car. It's a street-legal weekend warrior built for pure power and dominance.

Boasting a monstrous 700+ horsepower engine, this Pro Street Cougar is a force to be reckoned with. Under the hood lies a meticulously rebuilt Ford 351/418 stroker motor, breathing fire through a Holley Dominator 1050 cfm carburetor. Top-shelf components like Comp Performance roller rockers, Canfield Aluminum heads, and a Ford Performance billet aluminum valve cover round out this impressive engine build.

1970 Mercury Marauder 2 Door Hard Top

1970 Mercury Marauder 2 Door Hard Top

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1970 Mercury Marauder 2 Door Hard Top

Price $5,700
Location Terre Haute, Indiana

Find this 2 door Hard Top made by Ford Motor Company under its Mercury division. It's a patina Mercury Marauder released in 1970, and it still looks great today as the photos show. The car is offered for sale by the owner, runs and drives well, and production was very limited, with only 3,397 made. If you're interested, please come closer inspection is a must.

Detail about this car by owner
1970 Mercury Marauder 2 Door Hard Top I think its a 390 but not positive Does Run and Drive Has been sitting for mostly 12 years Previous owner did a mild tune up and some brake work New Gas Tank and Mufflers Still needs mechanics to be updated to be road worthy I've driven maybe 2 miles round trip, did okay Nice driver quality interior Has the rare X100 wheels This car is rare only 3,397 were made Great car to restore or drive as is

1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Cleveland 351

1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Cleveland 351 For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Cleveland 351 For Sale

Price $23,500
Location Eugene, Oregon

Found this one was listed on Craigslist as being offered for sale by the owner in Eugene, Oregon. With this red exterior over the white vinyl interior, quite the eye-catcher on the road. The 1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 convertible carries a 351ci Cleveland V8 paired with an automatic transmission, which only drives 52,800 miles. This second generation of the Cougar was based on the Mustang platform, and the wheelbase was lengthened an inch over the previous generation. Styling was changed to resemble the larger Mercury Cyclone, including an aggressive center grille with four round headlights.

It would be one of the most desirable Mercury classics offered today, a taste of a Mustang with a completely different face, and also one nice car of the muscle cars' golden era.

1969 Mercury Marauder For Sale

1969 Mercury Marauder For Sale

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1969 Mercury Marauder For Sale

Price $7,500
Location British Columbia

found this full-size vintage car made by Ford Motor Company under the Mercury division. As shown here a second generation of the Mercury Marauder released in 1969 looks great showed by photos. The car is being offered for sale by the owner, unfortunately, very less info is provided by the owner if you're interested please come closer inspection is a must.

Detail about this car by owner
1969 mercury marauder. 390 c6 auto. Serious only please. No number. No response. Thx.

High-Performance MODS, 1961 Mercury Comet

Buy American Muscle Cars, High-Performance MODS, 1961 Mercury Comet for Sale

Price $25,000
Location Anaheim, California

Detail about this car by owner
This incredible 1961 Comet checks all the right boxes when it comes to a classic car. The original anemic 144 has been swapped for a 1991 cobra 302 high performance motor, taking advantage of the 351 firing order, along with a MSD pro billet distributor, Edelbrock air gap intake, high output coil, GT 350 long tube split y headers, Edelbrock 525 CFM performance carburetor, this engine screams for its size. Power is directed to the wheels though a copper ceramic racing clutch, Mcleoud 1400 series hydraulic throwout bearing, and a Borg warner world class T5 manual transmission. Easy to shift, and easy to drive, this is a car for someone who wants to feel the rubber meet the road and enjoy every minute of it.

To ease the action of the clutch and help slow it down quickly, a Wilwood three master full pedal assembly was installed, one clutch master connected to the hydraulic throwout bearing and two masters for the brakes, one for the front brakes and one for the rear brakes. After the power leaves the transmission the rotational force is captured and magnified by a custom ford 8 inch rear end, with a machined 9 inch pinion and ring gear, with posi-traction and 4:11 gears, everything you give is quickly and efficiently transferred to the ground.

Sounds fast, doesn’t it? Well, don’t worry, the front suspension was swapped for a full size mustang without the standard hack and weld, we did it the right way with parts that bolt in and fit as the factory intended. Along with the new suspension parts (they have some miles on them since installed, but are in excellent shape) full size mustang disc brakes powered by the high capacity Willwood master cylinders stop it easy and smooth. Braking action is compounded by using the right ratios and the dual masters with a balance bar, instead of a large and cumbersome brake booster under the hood, also preserving the important feel you get from manual brakes.

In the rear we have the matched drum brakes for the ford 8 inch for extended service life and proper brake bias, you will be happy with how this sweet little comet stops.

The straight, clean original body is dressed in the factory original Ford tuxedo black paint job. Thats right, this is the original paint, yes there are chips, and yes it shows the enjoyment of the last 61 years of life, but all of that considered, the fact that this paint is in the condition it is in is a testament to the way this car has been cared for. Runs & drives excellent. Has been well maintained. Only 3 owners. I have had this car for the past 15 years. Accident free, damage free, virtually rust free, this car is something you can enjoy right away!

The floors, trunk and underside are clean, so clean in fact that many areas are just nice original paint and primer from the factory, no holes, nothing missing, just clean, perfect metal. New carpet. New headliner & windlacing. Many areas in the engine compartment and around the body spot the original paint inspection stamps and remnants of the original waterslide decals.

The interior is just as original as the exterior, the red metal dash is factory fresh, no fading, rust, or issues with any of the dash as a whole, the original gauges, lights all work as intended from the factory, and look brand new.

All of the wiring is original, I know what you are thinking, it is not brittle, frayed, and falling apart. All of the wiring is flexible, clean, and working as it should. For the cold nights and early mornings at the race track you have a pumping factory heater and defrost that is controlled by the original knobs and pulls on the dash.

Front and rear lights have been converted to high output CRE leds, to light every corner of the canyon as you carve your cares away.

History is what makes it so special. best part about this car is that it oozes style as is, but is not going to cost you what a fully restored car costs, you could drive it as it and slowly take care of the stuff you want, not something that you can normally get from an old car. Even now, it is a show stopper that everyone loves to talk about and admire as is. When you are not racing, you can pop some car seats in the back, seat belts have been added, and drive it down to the local grocer, a nice spacious trunk will fit a full days shopping and activities.

Comets have an extended wheel base over the Falcon, and full size adults can fit in the front and rear seats. All of the glass is excellent, all of the trim is excellent, Front and rear bumpers are very nice. We are confident that if you understand how hard it is to find an original, properly built, accident and rust free car, that is ready for you to make the most of, you will think this car is a steal at what we are asking.

1965 Mercury Cyclone K Code

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1965 Mercury Cyclone K Code For Sale

Price $8,000
Location Anaheim, California

Detail about this car
Found this muscle was listed on Craigslist about 4 days ago, is Extremely rare classic muscle car, good for a rebuilding project mustang engine. one of the first muscle cars that were produced. If you interested come closer is a must.