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Rare Muscle, 1977 AMC Matador

Rare Muscle, 1977 AMC Matador

Buy American Muscle Cars, Rare Muscle, 1977 AMC Matador For Sale

Price $15000
Location Lakeview, Oregon

Detail about this car by owner
Up for sale RARE American muscle car, 1977 AMC Matador. Looking to sell or trade my baby. She's a 1977 AMC matador completely rebuilt except the window trim is missing and the windshield is cracked. Also there is some rust in the top of the door frame you can see in the pictures. Custom paint and interior, 360 under the hood. I have about $15,000 invested in the car but I'm willing to let that go for the right trade. I love this car. It's a lot of fun to play around in and it turns heads everywhere we go but I think it's time to move on and let someone else enjoy her. Open to offers of any type but mostly looking for truck, dirt bikes, quads, boom sticks, street bikes (preferably a sport bike 600 or bigger).



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