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Rare Muscle Car, 1969 Ford Cobra Fastback

Rare Muscle Car, 1969 Ford Cobra Fastback

Buy American Muscle Cars, 1969 Ford Cobra Fastback For Sale

Price $35000
Location Oregon

Detail about this car by its owner
For sale by owner, with my clear Oregon title in hand, in my name, ready to sign & sell.
NO phone calls or texting!! In order to buy my car, you need to come talk with me in person, see the car with your own eyes, and go for a test drive. That way you won't have any doubts about its overall condition inside & out and/or how well it runs & drives.

Some of the information on my car was given to me by the previous owners, including the paperwork, and, I also had it inspected by a local classic auto restoration shop when I purchased it.

1969 Ford Cobra Fastback. This is not really a Torino, and although the Cobras were made from the Fairlane platform, it's not really a Fairlane either. The "Cobra" is a separate model from the Torino & Fairlane. Many people including the previous owners and even the NADA wrongfully lists them as a "Torino" Cobra, but officially they're not.

I have the MARTI report that verifies it's a REAL Cobra & it's factory options (R-code Ram-Air 428, C6, PS, PDB, AC, Buckets, Traction-Lock, etc). It was sold new at Freeway Ford in Los Angeles California. The VIN is 9K46Rxxxxxx, and according to the info & paperwork from the previous owner, as well as also having it examined by a local auto restoration shop, yes, it still has the Original R-code 428-CJ motor. You are welcome to check any & all numbers when you come see it in person, as well as also look at all the motor receipts & the Marti Report. They only made 11,099 Cobra fastbacks in 1969, this is one of only 1135 ever made with the Candy Apple Red paint & Black interior colors, and is one of only 932 made with Factory Air Conditioning!

One of the previous owners had the motor rebuilt as follows,,
Balanced & blueprinted and bored .40 over. It has the "Super Cobra Jet" mechanical camshaft with solid lifters and 10.5:1 compression. The oil system has been blueprinted, oil passages have been enlarged & flared, and a Nascar Melling high volume & high pressure oil pump, with a Hayden external oil cooler. The oil PSI is at about 100-pounds. There is also an aluminum intake manifold with a Holley 735-CFM carburetor.

When the motor was rebuilt, they also replaced the original 3.00 (Traction Lock) rear axle gears with a new set of 3.89 gears (Traction-Lock), so it is NOT a "Highway" car,, it's geared for short distance, quick acceleration like a Drag-Pack car. It is the correct Candy Apple Red color paint with correct black interior. Aside from the wheels & some aftermarket gauges added to the car, it is still all original. I have the original Magnum 500 wheels, AC compressor, Ram-Air rubber boot for the air cleaner, and the original intake manifold.

It is a very straight, solid, RUST FREE car, including the floors, trunk & undercarriage. Runs very Strong & performs very well. It's NOT a show car, not fully restored, has a few cosmetic flaws including some chips in the paint & some scratches on the back window,, but as you can see in the pictures it is still in very nice condition inside & out,, and attracts LOTS of attention, complements & thumbs up when people see it.

The current NADA values are as follows,, and make sure to add on the options for the 428-CJ motor, air conditioning & Ram-Air.
The Low is - $14,380. Average - $41,100. High - $68,860.

My car is better than Average, but would need some restoring to be a High category car. State Farm looked it over when I bought it, they photographed it, checked the NADA values, then assessed it & insured it at $50K as-is, in it's present condition. I purchased it last summer, drove it around town for a while, then put it into storage for the winter, with plans of it being my summertime cruiser again in 2017. However, I'm now purchasing a newer house, and am selling the Cobra to add the funds to the real estate deal.

I'll sell it for $35K to the first one who can show up in person, so you can see it with your own eyes, and go for a test drive (weather pending). I'm not really interested in any trades, however I might consider taking a 1965 - 1973 Mustang, or a similar Torino, Fairlane, Ranchero in PART trade, but you'll need to offer me lots of cash with it.

As I mentioned above, NO phone calls, I will NOT do business over the phone or through E-mail. I will only deal with real people, in person, face to face, the old fashioned way. The bottom line is, if you want to buy this muscle car, you need to come see it & talk with me in person. Located in the Eugene Oregon area. Thank you.

I will NOT reply to suspected scammers or people who don't seem to understand my ad.



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